​The Extreme Storm Bunker was designed by structural engineers & developed specifically to protect people.  The Extreme Storm Bunker is made entirely of 1/4" steel plate, with strength and quality compliant with FEMA 320, 361 and ICC500-2014, ICC/NSSA statndards for storm shelters.  Our manufacturing facility is a National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) producer / member and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that each Extreme Storm Bunker is produced to some of the highest standards.  If you live in an area that is prone to tornadoes, protect your family or group with the Extreme Storm Bunker

Why Choose Extreme Storm Bunker Over the Competition for your families protection from Storms or Home Invasions?

Answer: Our Storm Shelters and Safe-Rooms
Engineered for EF5 / 250MPH wind load.
Structural  Engineers were Involved to Not Only Colaborate but to:
​*Certify all Phases of Development Process (Structural Design Calculations)
​*Stamp All Engineered Drawings (Products and Connections)


*Every Install Comes with a NSSA Certificate of Installation / Extreme Storm Bunker Check List*

​"This Explains why Choosing Extreme Storm Bunker is:
​The Right Choice"

Question:  Why Choose Extreme Storm Bunker for Your Family's Safety?

Answer:  When it comes to your Family's Safety and Security
                                       "We Do Not Cut Corners".
 Extreme Storm Bunker will supply Documents Necessary
(Engineering & Installation Certification)
 *This Allows for Completion of your application once Grant or Rebate is approved.


Documents for Shelter or Safe-Room (HMGP) Program (FEMA) Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration


Download & Print


As a Producer Member of NSSA (National Storm Shelter Association), Extreme Storm Bunker has complied and tested our Modular Design for You.

What is Modular Design?

In case of a Storm or Home Invasion we offer a way "Out of Danger"
​If the Storm Debris Blocks the Exit, our design and complete assembly is completed from Interior location (12" panels that can be removed) to grant access to safety once Danger is removed!
​*Tools are included with each bunker and safe-room upon completion of installation*

Why is this Important when Choosing the Correct Bunker or Safe-Room?

The Benefit:
With our Modular design we can install our Safe-Room or Storm Shelter almost anywhere in your existing home.​​

Where can I find out if I qualify for Benefits?

​After Research we have located documents for Our Clients:

​*Extreme Storm Bunker are adding these documents to our site for assistance to Our Clients for information ONLY.
*Extreme Storm Bunker will comply with all guidlines required to insure funding once our customers are approved.
​*Extreme Storm Bunker has NO  control over Approval Process or ​Funding.
*Extreme Storm Bunker only complies with Mitigation Adminstration Cetification Requirments of Installation.